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Since I've never used this journal for anything, I've been thinking about using it as a place to toss some of the bits of fan fiction I occasionally write.

Of course, posting creative work in a place where your audience is restricted to lost wanderers of the internet plus one identifiable person doesn't seem like much more than an empty gesture.

My other problem is that I never finish fanfic, and I don't write self-contained pieces. It's a little callous to subject readers to that sort of fiction, in my opinion, because if it's good fiction-- and I like to think mine is at least serviceable-- you generally want to have the option to keep on reading.

I have what I feel are good ideas for beginnings, and I like to foreshadow serious business, but I never know what the business is. Plotting remains a huge challenge for me, and an energy drain. So I try to keep on task with original fiction when I bother to do plotting, which means my fanfic rots in a folder on my computer instead of being finished and read.

A lot of excuses, maybe. Here's another one: The last time I wrote fanfic was almost ten years ago, and it was FF7 fanfic. I've been on the bench for a long time. For me to wade into this pool again, there had to be an idea there that'd gotten hold of me and wouldn't let go. (It always seems to have something to do with Kurt Vonnegut, but that's another entry entirely.)

Anyway, the point is: Even when it was being stupid, Supernatural rang every bell in my brain, and it rang every bell in my heart twice. There were three main things I was chewing on when I started writing fanfic for it a few months ago.

*Dean as the object of constant celestial attention (s4/s5), and how he'll cope once he goes back to living in a world where there are no helpful angels anymore (and still no God). He didn't appear to react well to Cas's absence in the beginning of s6 despite his constant bickering with him, which is what got me thinking about this.

*What's going to happen when the Winchesters die; who's going to find them, what they're going to make of it.

*Claire Novak.

I think the only reason I keep typing a few things here and there is that I love writing Dean. The character on the show has such a clear and instantly identifiable voice. He's predictable, but I think that's at least partially because his persona is consciously constructed. He makes himself so hard to know, and I enjoy writing characters who think one thing and say (or do) another. Dean is always doing this. When he is sincere, it hurts to watch.

With point two, I like thinking about aftermath and I like thinking about what the unexplainable looks like to normal people in-universe. Some of my favorite episodes of SPN are the ones in which the Winchesters are assumed to be dangerous criminals, because it shows what kind of assumptions people would make about men who live the way they do. That's exploiting the audience's privileged information about the boys for tension in a huge way, and I always want them to take it further. I couldn't resist trying it myself, but in my version Sam and Dean ended up dead. That's the kind of writer I am, I guess. I leave a trail of bodies in my wake.

Claire appeals to me for a few reasons, but in particular, I would kill for a less male-centric Supernatural. I love the show, but I would love it even more if it weren't just about guys and their daddy issues. I'm one of those fans who doesn't think Claire can ever have a normal life, and one of the possible outcomes is for her to become a hunter. With this character you've got a handful of facts, and the rest is tabula rasa; I can't imagine a more perfect access point for exploring a less male-centric POV in the SPN universe. Except maybe Jo, but. Well.
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